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The Service Excellence Awards (SEA) is an annual event held by the Western Cape Government (WCG) which promotes a citizen-centric culture, entrenches professionalism, as well as recognises and rewards excellence. 

About the Awards
About the Awards

The purpose is to entrench the Western Cape Government value of caring by appreciating and recognising employees in exemplary cases.  

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Group 890

Best Frontline Service Delivery Employee

Group 891

Best Frontline Service Delivery Team

Group 892

Best Municipal Project

Group 893

Best Municipality

Group 896

Best Public Service Leader (Exemplary)

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Best Support Service Employee

Group 898

Best Support Service Team

Group 896

Best Red Tape Reduction / Ease of doing Business Project

Group 889

Best Collaborative Programme/Project (WOSA/WOGA)

Group 894

Best Public Service Innovator (Employee)

Group 895

Best Public Service Innovator (Team / Project)

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Best Citizen Performance (Team / Project)

Group 887

Best Citizen Performance (Individual)


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