Service Excellence Awards 2024

The Service Excellence Awards (SEA) is an annual intervention within the Western Cape Government (WCG) which promotes a citizen centric culture, entrenches professionalism, as well as recognises and rewards excellence. The purpose is to entrench the Western Cape Government value of caring by appreciating and recognising employees in exemplary cases. The awards this year further explores a WCG recognition system, that extends to WCG citizens and provincial municipalities for encouragement of service excellence.

The 2024 Service Excellence Awards ceremony was held on 19 April 2024 at the Stellenbosch Town Hall.

The following thirteen categories will be awarded:

  • Best Frontline Service Delivery Employee
  • Best Support Service Employee
  • Best Public Service Leader
  • Best Public Service Innovator Employee
  • Best Frontline Service Delivery Team
  • Best Support Service Team
  • Best Collaborative Programme/Project
  • Best Public Service Innovation Team/Project
  • Best Red Tape Reduction/Ease of Doing Business
  • Best Citizen Performance Individual
  • Best Citizen Performance Team
  • Best Municipal Project
  • Best Municipality