Revitalisation of the Ebenhaeser Irrigation Scheme Team

Revilitisation of the Ebenhaserirrigation Scheme Team

Revitalisation of the Ebenhaeser Irrigation Scheme Team


The Ebenhaeser Irrigation Scheme is in the small rural town of Ebenhaeser, and is located at the end of the westerly irrigation canal which forms part of the Olifants River Irrigation Scheme. Because the irrigation water distribution system inside Ebenhaeser was dilapidated and not efficiently managed, irrigation farming was limited to about 10% of potential. For this reason, the WCDoA and partners have been working for several years to revitalize this irrigation system/area. The key to unlocking the irrigation potential was the construction of a bulk water distribution system to the 153 plots. This development required different provincial departments, national departments, programs, community individuals, farmers, community organizations and the private sector to collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Focus areas of this project are job creation; food security; skills development; small farmer development; fixed investment; rural development; rural infrastructure development; economic growth; agricultural sector transformation; export growth; production growth; and efficient use of resources.

The end vision of this project is to have a vibrant, growing, successful, and sustainable agriculturally based rural economy in Ebenhaeser, where irrigation agriculture is the backbone of the economy