Red Tape Reduction Unit (RTRU)

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Red Tape Reduction Unit (RTRU)

Economic Development and Tourism

The Red Tape Reduction Unit (RTRU) was formally established in 2012 and there have been many learnings of a strategic, operational and organisational nature. The unit primarily focuses on a hybrid approach, blending reactive interventions with proactive to improve the business environment across the Western Cape. The unit undertook the former through the following pillars, 1) regulatory reform, 2) improving government systems and procedures, 3) improving communications with business, and 4) direct interventions through case management.

The Unit proactively identified red tape barriers, impacting service delivery and economic growth.
Some interventions by the RTRU during the 2021-2022 financial year include:

  • Improved regulations on Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  • Regulatory compliance framework: Provincial export strategy.
  • Submissions to national government on a remote working visa.
  • Developments of various tools and systems in the Drakenstein, George, Hessequa, Outeniqua, and Knysna Municipalities