Phyllis Zondani

Best Public Service Innovator Employee Phyllis Zondani 3

Phyllis Zondani

Health – Kayelitsha CHC

Phyllis Zondani is employed as a Health Promoter at Khayelitsha (Site B) CHC since 2016. She is based in the Midwife Obstetric Unit (MOU) but also covering other units like OPD, Ubuntu HIV/TB Clinic and Paediatrics Unit.

Phyllis starts her day singing for the clients in the club room to gain the attention before doing her educational talk. Her target group is women of 30 years and above. Her educational talk consists of the importance of pap smears for early detection of cervical cancer, to prevent morbidity and mortality.

She created a face book page for this target group and has 1028 followers. The platform is used by her and clients for communication, information sharing appointment purposes. She uses social media to inform clients meeting the criteria to join the study.