Informal Settlements Support Programme (ISSP)


Informal Settlements Support Programme (ISSP)

The Department commissioned a Rapid Appraisal of Informal settlements to inform an evidence-based strategic response to informal settlement upgrading. 

A strategic framework was developed with four outputs, including the Informal Settlement Support Plan (ISSP) outlining the design, tenure and services options that municipalities and/or developers, in consultation with communities can consider for incremental and participatory upgrading of different settlement categories.  The ISSP entails:

  • Multi-stakeholder and transversal initiatives;  
  • Relies on collaboration, placing the informal settlement resident at the centre; and
  • Capacitates all stakeholders involved in the upgrading processes, via various initiatives examples being building agency, responsibility, sustainability and resilience. 

The ISSP aims to provide a clear roadmap on how to address the challenges faced by informal settlement residents in a systematic way and collectively across sector- departments in the province.