Dr Joy Leaner

Best Public Service Leader (Examplary) Dr Joy Leaner 2

Joy Leaner

Environmental Affairs and Development Planning: Directorate Air Quality Management

Dr Joy Leaner is the Director: Air Quality Management in the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning and has been at the helm since 2008.

During the pandemic, Dr Leaner was assigned to the Khayelitsha – Eastern COVID hotspot as part of the WOSA approach in monitoring the COVID-19 infections, the efficacy and reporting of interventions in the hotspot. She  has worked tirelessly in her role as the Provincial Air Quality Officer during the COVID-19 pandemic, in not only vigorously monitoring the operations of the crematoria throughout the province, but as the Competent Authority for the Maitland Crematorium ensuring that measures were put in place to operate the crematorium within the conditions of its Atmospheric Emissions Licence (AEL), especially when it was challenged with capacity to cremate during the COVID19  waves.